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Established in Hong Kong in Spring 2018, the CURATOR Group is an aggressively thriving art & culture enterprise that takes the lead in bringing art to everyday life. Crossing over two core industries, art business and creative F&B business, CURATOR is dedicated to curating a brand-new way of lifestyle and presenting a genuine, artistic experience to the eyes, palates and souls. With a team full of creativity and innovative ideas, CURATOR never fails to surprise the public with one-of-a-kind events, collaborations and IP projects such as Le Petit Prince and Perrier x MURAKAMI, and has developed a prestigious reputation both locally and internationally among contemporary art and culinary arts enthusiasts over the years. 

Our Brands


CURATOR Dining is a top-notch fine dining experience dedicated to bringing our guests the best and most unique culinary experiences. We strive to provide our customers with more than just a meal, but an unforgettable experience.


As the group’s subsidiary with a discerning focus on art business, CURATOR Style is an unconventional art brand, prominently positioning itself in the contemporary art scene by showcasing over thirty featured artists from all around the globe. CURATOR Style has developed into two sectors to cater different needs of art collectors: online/offline art shop for direct purchase and art advisory for high-value private sales.

CURATOR Masterclass

A collaborative project between M+ and CURATOR, CURATOR Masterclass at M+ offers world-class professional education programs on business practices in the art world, connoisseurship training for art collectors, and a nurturing environment to cultivate art talents at any life stage. We also curate extensive cultural workshops with industry leaders and experts from different categories.

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