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XIA 下江南


G/F, Hong Kong Palace Museum, 8 Museum Drive, West Kowloon Cultural District, Kowloon

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday

10:30 - 20:00


+852 2730 3038

XIA is a Chinese teahouse that creatively combines the flavors of palace cuisine and local delicacies. Inspired by the six visits of Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong to Jiangnan, XIA offers classic and delicious dishes at affordable prices. 

From Empress Dowager Cixi's favourite Sweet Pea Cake to the healthy Braised Duck Meat with Lotus seeds and the Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar, XIA's menu is a fusion of the past and present. In addition to the food, the teahouse offers a selection of authentic pre-packaged food and gift items for you to take home and share the wonderful stories of the Forbidden City with your loved ones.

The Qing Royal cuisine is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and rich flavors, with dishes featuring duck and desserts that were favorites of the emperors. XIA has created a palace-inspired series of dishes, aiming to reproduce the sumptuous delicacies of Qing Dynasty imperial cuisine


Royal Court

Main Course

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